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5:23 PM, Tuesday, December 4th, 2012

Yogaraj BhatThe highly acclaimed director of Kannada cinema finding new thoughts always flowing in him has accepted to apply makeup for a Jailor role in the film of his ‘Shishya’ Gadda Vijay film. The film has started shooting  and Yogaraj Bhat portion shoot begins soon.

On the happy occasion of ‘Drama’ making wonderful collection in the box office and the first week seeing over flow to the investment and his bank balance also increasingly rapidly from it Yogaraj Bhat stated that he is donning the role of a jailor in an untitled film of his assistant debut direction. I will be playing a natural role and it will not be like the cinematic way.

Yogaraj Bhat enjoying the happiness of success is working on a new script after three months. Again I might work for Jayanna and Bogendra combines film. I have to arrive at the script first. While discussing the script I would lose three to four months. Then it takes a few more months to arrive at the final script says Yogaraj Bhat. I have done a story for this ‘Drama’. I have faced the complaint from previous films that I do a film without a story. This complaint is there on me from the days of ‘Mungaru Male’. I agree that the film ‘Drama’ has a story in it.

For the role of a jailor in his assistant film Yogaraj Bhat accepted to act only because of compulsion made and the narration given to him convinced him.

Yogaraj Bhat in ‘Jackie’ Kannada cinema applied makeup for a flashy sequence and in a documentary which he directed long ago saw some makeup on his face.

Director of Mani, Ranga SSLC, Mungaru Male, Gaalipata, Manasaare, Pancharangi, Paramathma and currently running ‘Drama’ – Yogaraj Bhat is also one of the highly paid directors in Kannada cinema. For ‘Drama’ he is a partner as producer with Jayanna Combines.


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