Bird flu: Pilikula park on alert

10:15 AM, Saturday, January 6th, 2018

pilikulaMangaluru: Pilikula Biological Park here is on alert in view of reports on bird flu in Bengaluru.

Chicken feed to animals in the park has been banned since three days as a precaution, according to H. Jayaprakash Bhandary, director of the park.

Visitors to the zoo now have to dip their feet in a disinfectant solution. In addition, care takers at the zoo are applying disinfectants on their hands before entering the enclosures of birds and animals. Disinfectant solutions are being sprayed in enclosures as well. Bird droppings, faecal matters of animals are analysed frequently, he said.

Mr. Bhandary said now animals are being fed with meat and not chicken.

A new wall-glass display enclosure for a pair of Asiatic lions in the park has been built at an estimated cost of Rs. 27 lakh. Spread over 6,000 sq. ft. it has been sponsored by the Indian Oil Corporation.

Asiatic lions are rare and endangered. The zoo has a 10-year-old male lion and an eight-year-old lioness brought from Gujarat. Visitors to the park can now see them in the new enclosure. The wall-glass structure prevents visitors from teasing the beasts. The pair is housed in animal house during the night.

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