BJ Poojary demands dismissal of BJP Govt.

6:22 PM, Saturday, May 14th, 2011

janardhana poojary Mangalore: Old warhorse and KPCC leader B. Janardhana Poojary on Saturday asked Governor Bhardwaj to use his constitutional authority to sack the chief minister Yeddyurappa, in view of Supreme Court strictures passed on Friday against state CM, and also the speaker Bopaiah, in disqualifying 16 MLAs since October 2010 and quashing the speaker’s rule made then.
Poojary welcomed the SCI order, which put the BJP Govt., in an embarrassing position, after the BJP victory in all 3 by-polls on Friday morning. He asked the Governor to take a decision on “dismissing” the BJP govt. on its discomfiture. Poojary added that speaker Bopaiah should resign on his own prestige.
An emergent legislature session called by CM on Monday another fraud on Constitution, Poojary lashed out.
On his own retirement, from politics on account of BJP success in 3 by polls, Poojary pointed to CM who did not accept his challenge.
Poojary who was in Congress election campaigns in West Bengal recently, paid his respect to Mamatha Bannerjee and attributed all credits to her, for her landslide victory over CPI(M) in 34 years, during the current 2011 elections.

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