BJP is trying to garner votes of minorities by demolishing Hindu temples

9:41 PM, Saturday, September 18th, 2021

DharmendraMangaluru : “We have not spared Gandhi. We have killed him when Hindus were raided and massacred. Will we spare you? BJP is a spineless government. Talibanis are far better than them, said Hindu Mahasabha State Secretary Dharmendra.

Speaking at a press conference in the city on September 18, Saturday, “MPs and MLAs of Karnataka are giving childish answers. BJP is trying to garner votes of minorities. That is why they have demolished temple. HMS is going to fight against BJP till the next elections, he said.

“Our country is a Hindu nation and not secular. Though our constitution is secular, our culture and lineage is not secular. Corrupt politicians have changed the constitution of the country as secular for their selfish gains. HMS never agrees with the constitution,” he said.

He also questioned the silence of the saffron clad people with regard to this incident when the very same people had raised a hue and cry over the CM change in the state.

Referring to the protests being held by the Sangh Parivar organisations against the temple demolition in Mysuru, he said this was nothing but a ploy to mislead the people in order to hide the cheating done by the BJP to the people. “If the Sangh Parivar intentions are genuine, then let them openly support the Hindu Mahasabha which is a Hindutva party, in the next elections, to defeat the BJP,” he challenged.

However, Dr Lohit Kumar Suvarna, a resident of Mahalaxmi Layout in Bengaluru, has filed a complained at the Berke police station alleging that he threatened to kill the chief minister.

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