BJP led governments achievement in 3 years is zero: Poojary

5:22 PM, Monday, May 30th, 2011

Jnaradhana PoojaryMangalore: The BJP government is celebrating the successful third year of power in the state, but the reason of the celebration not known since the achievement of the BJP led government is zero, said former union leader B Janardhana Poojary.
Speaking at the press meet held at Press Club on May 30, Monday, he said that the BJP minister have formed operation kamala and were successful in killing the Indian Constitution. The Supreme Court itself has criticized the BJP government of Karnataka by saying it to be the most corrupted government.
He also said that the BJP government is losing its golden opportunity by using its weapons such as corruption, harassment and criticizing the common people and the opposition leaders.
Criticizing the Lokpal bill, Poojary said that as soon as the Lokpal Bill comes into existence, the sky will not fall and no changes will take place, since people like Chief Minister B S Yeddyurappa are still there and he has the capacity to control the Lokpal Bill.
Chief Minister Yeddyurappa and State BJP chairman K S Eashwarappa in the speeches said that the congress party has not worked for the welfare and development of the state, as done by the BJP government in these three years. If this is truth let they say how many schools, bridges, houses for poor and water irrigation system has been set by the BJP government as done by the Congress government earlier. The congress government had made revolutionary changes in education and banking sector and BJP cannot compete with it, he added.
He said that, after the Supreme Court’s order, the BJP government must have squashed Speaker K. G. Bopaiah for his decision to disqualify 16 MLAs just before the no-confidence motion last year. It is shameful act for the state government since the speaker was elected by the MLA’s but later he decided to disqualify 16 of them.

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