BJP Mahila Morcha protests against Governor’s harassment of state Govt.

6:14 PM, Wednesday, May 18th, 2011

BJP Mahila Morcha ProtestMangalore: A protest march was taken out by BJP Women’s Wing (Mahila Morcha) on Wednesday afternoon cumulating in a rally near DCO gates, to condemn the affront created by state Governor H.R Bahrdwaj against an elected majority Govt. of BJP, by recommending its dismissal by the Central Govt. as if he was an agent of non-ruling Congress party from the Centre sitting in Raj Bhawan of Bangalore.
BJP Mahila Morcha ProtestThe small audience was addressed by Ms. Sumana Sharan, general secretary of DK Mahila Morcha. She recalled that in April 2008, people had voted BJP to power, and since then, BJP had initiated several plans for women, children, senior citizens and common people of the state in rural areas as well as cities as their welfare measures. What Congress could not do in six decades of rule in its bastion so long in Karnataka, BJP had achieved in 3 years, by reducing farmers; deaths, people’s hunger, road connections and rural rozgar works etc.. The enemies of BJP, namely Congress and JDS wasted such a helpful state govt. to fall under one allegation or other chargesheet. They tried all tricks only to fail, then they encouraged the Governor to take action against BJP by unseating the CM. The Governor tried several times and failed. Finally when the Supreme Curt verdict came on removing the disqualification of 11 MLAs since Oct.2010, the Congress jumped up and asked the Governor to dismiss the BJP rule. He sent a letter to Delhi which did not oblige, MS. Sumana Sharan stated. She condemned the Governor’s action as unconstitutional, rather than anything that BJP had done in 3 years.
BJP Mahila Morcha ProtestMs. Asha Jagadish, another leader of the Morcha in her speech compared Congress and JDS as Rahu and Ketu, the celestial half-planets which harass the Sun or Moon, and here BJP on earth. Governor should have protected democracy but he was behaving like a killer of an elected govt, she accused. She asked for the Governor’s recall by the President who had appointed him.
BJP Mahila Morcha ProtestMs. Shashiprabha, general secretary, Ms. Geetha G. Prabhu, city Morcha chief, Sudha S. Bhat, city South Chief and Ms. Prasanna Ravi (city north chief) were present.

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