BJP Siruguppa MLA and family in trouble: Lokayukta raids seize huge wealth

7:33 PM, Friday, April 13th, 2012

Lokayukta RideBellary: Siruguppa BJP-MLA, M.S. Somalingappa’s palatial residence and 6 other places were raided Simultaneously on Thursday by Lokayukta Police, who seized documents of value, cash amounts, and golden ornaments also, from the man facing charges of amassing wealth in illegal ways, and land-grab cases too.

The police raids covered the MLA’s friends, relatives and employees in a vast net.

Bangalore city LA-SP, Shivashanker P.K. led the attack, with 50 persons of LA office in Bangalore, who came in several vehicles, to conduct a simultaneous search in many houses.

The MLA and his people were present during the early morning raids.

A retired professor B. Eranna on January 7 had complained to Bellary DC and February 6 to Lokayukta against Somalingappa, BJP MLA.

A First Information report was prepared by Lokayukta personnel on March 5, and as a part of LA enquiry, the raids were conducted by LA police.

Huge cash amounts were seized, but MLA discounted all complaints gone against him to the Lokayukta office, by denials.

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