BJP Units on Coastal belt attack catholic Priests for false propaganda

7:07 PM, Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

Church AttacksMangalore/Udupi: The Justice B.K.Somashekhar Commission report presented to the state govt, without any delay has not done anything beneficial to Christians and Vicars and Bishops who dominate average Christians’ lives in coastal region, but it is not the opinion (or reaction) of all Christians, Udupi district BJP stated here yesterday in a public meeting.
Just because a report, given by a Judge, is not in their favour, the Christian Bishops and Vicars who rule the lives of local Christians, cannot oppose it and should not think it is their constitutional right, the BJP unit stated. If these opponents had any reservations before hand, they should not have agreed to the Single Judge Commission. It is not a healthy tradition to oppose the report as it exempts the state and Sangh Parivar, but Christian monks seem to have a serious objection to the report as a whole, the Udupi BJP leaders stated.
In 2008, the Bishops had condemned Mahendra Kumar when he was leading Bajrang Dal, but now that he joined JD-S, the Bishops and Vicars appear to have pardoned or ignored him. Why it did not protest against JD-S?
The Christians are demanding CBI enquiry now, but will the second report will also be criticised and rejected if it goes against Roman Catholics? The BJP unit asked pointedly.
The attacks were only on a few scattered churches over a period of time, but the Catholic priests in a hierarchy were making a wrong propaganda, as if the attacks were on all Christians! It is a ploy to separate the Christian community (a minority) from the mainstream of Indian life, by these overbearing priests, who did “forced conversions” during the entire British and Portuguese Colonial rules (since 1540) in Indian history, the BJP retorted. This attempt was unacceptable to Indians, BJP noted.
The Christian missionaries have served in India foe centuries in development of education, health and social systems, which is commendable, but now their only pursuit is ‘religious conversion’ to increase the numbers of RCC followers, BJP charged the Catholic priests, rejecting their aims in toto.

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