BJP wins all three by-polls, rising in Assembly to 108 seats

3:10 PM, Friday, May 13th, 2011

CM and Cabinet Coleages Celebrating Victory of By electiosBangalore: In 3 constituencies of the state –Bangarpet, Jagalur and Channapatna, voters went to reelect their representatives following ‘Operation Kamal’ of BJP a few months ago, and the re-polls were fought hard and relentlessly by 3 parties, but finally BJP won all the 3 seats ensuring continuity of CMYeddyurappa’s leadership in the state for 2 more years, in view of challenges at one another by various party leaders from time to time, if results went wrong or as unexpected.
CM and Cabinet Coleages Celebrating Victory of By electiosIndeed, results that have come now are a total victory to BJP, at the Congress and arch rival, JD-S. One has to watch if the losers will retire from politics as per vows made earlier.
In Channapatna, CP Yogeeshwar ( a film artiste) won by over 10,000 votes for BJP.  In Bangarpet BJP’s M Narayanaswamy got through by 4,050 votes majority. In Jagalur, SV Ramachandra (BJP) registered his success by a margin of 7,700 votes. His opponent (JDS) has left the party, soon after his loss. Meanwhile, CM called special cabinet meeting today on the results. The 3 constituencies had candidates in all, and 2 of them had reserve candidates of SC in Bangarpet and ST in Jagalur.
BJP winning CandidatesWith 3 victorious results, BJP has seats 105+3=108, in the Assembly. Congress had 71 only. JDS is worse with 26 seats. Together they cannot challenge BJP now. Speaker, nominated Anglo Indian and non party (one) make up the balance 3 seats. Vacant seats are 17.
Channapatna was the guarded fort of JDS which is now trounced and has bitten the dust.

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