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3:22 PM, Monday, February 17th, 2014

Brahma Bangalore : Title – ‘Brahma’ – Banner – Mylari Enterprises, Producer – Manjunath Babu (Amruthahalli), Direction – R Chandru, Music – Gurukiran, Cinematography – Shekar Chandra, Cast – Upendra, Pranitha, Rangayana Raghu, Sadhu Kokila, Ananthnag, Sayyaji Shinde, Nazar, Rahul Dev, Sonu Soodh, Jai Jagadish, Bullet Prakash, Mangalore Suresh, Padmaja Rao, Ashok Rao and others.

Director R Chandru is scaling heights with big thoughts, big canvas and tremendous marketing skills to promote his product. A successful director with most successful hero Upendra has not given room for drop for a few seconds in ‘Brahma’. He has made such a captivating, concern filled, chilling moments, close to heart at the end film ‘Brahma’ – surely a wholesome entertainer with ingredients well measured and transmitted on silver screen.

For the fans of Upendra and R Chandru this is a good treat. The curiosity that ‘Brahma’ builds up at interval point is itself a Paisa Vasool. Son going to kill his father! How is this possible? Making impossible is the magic of this cinema entertainment business.

‘Brahma’ is respected and feared for his qualities. He is a smart robin hood of modern days. He knows how to capture international dons and punish. He knows how to teach lessons to those who are swindlers, corruption as the main profession. ‘Brahma’ is like real ‘Brahma’ of our mythology. He knows how to give birth and write the fate. He knows how to close the account of opportunists and make them open the account of ‘Punya’. What trouble you create and give – you ought to pay in this ‘Janma’ is the belief of this ‘Brahma’. International don wife coming to kill Brahma when he is Union Labor Minister living in an old village house salute him for his unconquerable methods and doing good for the people. This is in fact a continuation for Upendra from his ‘Super’ Kannada cinema.

Brahma The sole reason why ‘Brahma’ bash up so many and collected mammoth amount there is a strong reason. In the witness box accepting his mistake ‘Brahma’ is bailed out at this crucial moment. How and why? You have to watch for a fitting answer in the climax.

For Upendra this ‘Brahma’ was a needed break. He has given different shades required for the acting. He dances well, action is fabulous and looks in different get up is undoubtedly mass hero.

Pranitha looks very sweet on the screen but the opportunity for her to prove talent is not found. Sayyaji Shinde Kannada diction is a problem. Rangayana Raghu and Sadhu Kokila divided for first and second half is a good thought. Ananthnag, Suresh Mangalore, Bullet Prakash, Nazar have extended good support.

The technical aspects of this film editing, graphics and 16th century well adjusted, 70’s shade are convincingly portrayed on the screen.

Shekar Chandra cinematography is absorbing. The top angles, close ups and mid shots gives attractive mood for the situations.

Gurukiran although not in his usual melody best has given foot tapping tunes. Special agi order Kotte…..a melody song and Tingu Tingu….are catchy numbers.

What Upendra and P Vasu in ‘Arakshaka’ could not make – Upendra and R Chandru achieved in a convincing commercial film ‘Brahma’.

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