Bring Humanitarian values within the frame of Law- Basavaraj Bommai

10:03 PM, Friday, August 6th, 2021

Basavaraja Bommai Bengaluru : Chief Minister Basavaraja Bommai opined that bringing humanitarian values within the frame of law will not only resolve several problems, but also will make the judiciary more humane and people friendly.

He was speaking after inaugurating the National webinar on Socio-legal values in Mitakshara, Vachana, Dasa and Folk Literature in Karnataka organized by the Vijnaneshwara Adhyayana Peetha , Karnataka State law University.

The Vachana, Dasa and Janapada literature of Karnataka has articulated equality, tolerance, gratitude and forgiveness very effectively. Vignaneshwara Adhyayana Peetha must work towards inculcating these values within the frame of law, he said.

Legal aspects have transformed along with the changes in the society. There is a sea change in the social situation, individual relations and societies. Similarly, people’s thinking on law is also undergoing change. The Peetha must conduct a study on these aspects, the CM suggested.

Revolution in the field of literature in Karnataka is significant. The constitution of the Country which is the foundation of the law of the country reflects the principles of Basavanna, the CM opined.

The Chief Minister also aspired that the Adhyayana Peeta which was established by former Chief Minister B.S.Yediyurappa will make a mark in the national and international level.

Justice Shivaraj Patil, Chairman , Vijnaeshwara Adhyayana Peeta and Former judge of Supreme court , Former Judge of Supreme Court Justice B.N.Srikrishna, Prof.(Dr.)Eshwar Bhat, Vice Chancellor of Karnataka State Law University, Ministers V.Somanna, Dr.K.Sudhakar, N.Manjunath Prasad, Prinicipal Secretary to Chief Minister, Girish Hosur, Secretary to Chief Minister were also present.

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