Buses seized for violation of Election Code of conduct

8:41 PM, Saturday, April 27th, 2013

Buses seizedMangalore : RTO seized 9 City & Service Buses for violating  Election code of conduct in Mangalore on Saturday April 17th.

The above said Buses violated election code of conduct by ferrying congress workers for the election rally and deviated from the regular routes.

According to Mangalore DC Harsha Gupta it is a violation of code of conduct if city Buses deviate from the regular routes without permission of RTO.

Mangalore RTO Mallikarjuna said that during elections, it is unlawful if Buses change its regular routes allotted, without prior permission of district election officer of returning officer.

The seized Buses were parked in SP office premises for further verification. Harsha Gupta DC mangalore gave orders to seize the Vehicles.

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