CBI special court puts off judgment till May 14

7:59 PM, Saturday, May 7th, 2011

KanimozhiNew Delhi: On Akshaya Tritiya Day, CBI had targeted Kanimozhi (DMK MP), daughter of Tamilnadu CM Karunanidhi, in a TV channel funds transfer case in its court, while her lawyer Ram Jethmalani had explained that she did nothing to administer the TV channel (in which she had 20% shares) nor enrich herself, so she should be let out on bail. The court finally restored status quo in which he was free to move about till May 14 (as the judgment was reserved, so she would not be jailed), when results of state elections would be out, for or against DMK.
The CBI court has postponed the bail demand till May 14. The court had stated on Saturday that Kanimozhi had been active in 2G Spectrum sales. She was controlling all activities in Kalaignar TV channel. One fails to understand her argument that she knew nothing about Rs.200 crores being moved in the channel.
The CBI lawyer, Lalit Modi, UU, had argued that she (Kanimozhi) was a director when the huge funds were transferred to Kalaignar TV and was pretending innocence in place of active knowledge that she displayed then.
U.U Lailt Modi told the special Court that Kanimozhi was close to A.Raja, former Union Communications minister.
While coming out of the court, today she exchanged pleasantries with him who is CBI custody and was present today at the hearing.
The Kalaignar TV has only Rs.48 crores in business. Paid-up capital was only Rs.1 lakh. Without any records, how can Rs.200 crores be given to such a company, Lalit asked.
Any way, the longer rope is foreseeing Tamil Nadu Assembly results due to come out on May 13. If DMK loses, May 14 could be3 its Dooms day.

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