CC cameras at 23 spots of Kerala state border : Minister S. Angara

12:06 AM, Monday, August 1st, 2022

s-angaraSubrahmanya: In the wake of the untoward incident, the government has paid special attention to law enforcement and maintaining peace in the state. The government has taken steps to install CC cameras on 23 spots of the state border said S. Angara, Minister of Fisheries, Ports and Inland Water Transports.

Speaking at a a press conference after the workers’ meeting at Subrahmanya on Sunday. The search operation for the accused in connection with the killing of BJP youth leader Praveen Nettaru in Bellary continues and some have already been arrested. He said that strict action will be taken against the criminals.

After Praveen’s murder, the government responded to the family pain. Ministers along with CM have visited the house. Although I was in Delhi, I reached Bellare the next day. The investigation has been handed over to the NIA. He said that some people expressed sadness due to mental pain and said that BJP responds to the hardships and happiness of the common worker.

Sullia BJP Mandal Committee President Harish Kanjipili, BJP District Vice President Venkat Valalambe, GP Ex-President Venkat Dambekodi, leaders Shivaprasad Naduthota, Dinesh Sampyadi, Rajesh NS, Rajesh Kulkunda, Chidananda Kandadka, Ashok Acharya, Venkatesh HL were present.

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