Child at RAPCC dies in a week

1:10 PM, Saturday, June 18th, 2011

baby diedMangalore: Moksha, a 2 year old baby girl of Yuvraj and Sunitha of Mudipu village on the outskirts of Mangalore, suffering from metabolic disorders died on Friday at the Regional Advanced Pediatric Care Centre (RAPCC) which turned careless for the baby as the did not pay any proper attention to the new-born child, admitted on June 11 and now died on June 17 Friday. The baby had slipped into an unconscious state on admission to the hospital on June 13. Three doctors struggled to save the ailing child in vain.
The parents started accusing the doctors in their traumatic condition Wenlock medical Superintendent Dr. Saroja testified that the baby had received timely treatment and was put on ventilator but could not be saved. The allegations against the qualified doctors, by parents of Moksha, were baseless, she added.

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