Child trafficking case : Baby entrusted to care of CWC at Kannur

2:48 PM, Friday, July 19th, 2013

Child trafficking caseKundapur :  The case of child trafficking by a very own father that made news recently in Kasargod has an interesting turn.

The Kasargod police who  took one of the child  which was reportedly adopted by Krishnayya Acharya  of Belur,  took along with them the Krishnayya Acharya and Shantha couple to Kasargod. They were not produced before the court, but  were entrusted  them to the custody of the Child Welfare Committee at Patwa in Kannur.

This development took place two weeks after the incident wherein Ratish and Prema couple were arrested. One of the child of the couple which is six months old had been entrusted to the mother.

It is believed that the couple  had resorted to this act for the sake of money.

Child trafficking case

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