Chitra-Siri on November 7 to 9: Nudi-Siri(starting November 11) preparations bristle in Modabidire Venue

9:35 PM, Saturday, November 5th, 2011

Alvas Nudi Siri Chitra Siri Award Winner Mari Sahammachaar Moodubidire: Preparatory arrangements are going on briskly in setting up a stage and vast enclosure at the Vidyagiri venue for Alva’s 8th year Nudi-Siri(language treasure) celebrations of Karnataka, as on November 11 upto 13.

Welcome banners have been hung on various poles all over the town. All houses are contacted for invitations from door to door. The main stage is getting ready.

There is an atmosphere of expectations, nostalgia and splendour under creation now, on Friday here.

Three days of Chitra-Siri(paintings Wealth) will start earlier on November 7 for 3 days, prior to Nudi-Siri, when 21 painters decorate a hall, of arts show in a camp, to be inaugurated by M.R.Pavanje, a veteran artist, in the presence of Jain Guru Charukirti Bhattarka.

Dr. M. Mohan Alva himself presides on the great occasion. An exhibition of valuable paintings and artifacts collected by Alva’s will also be held during this earlier event, starting November 7 upto 9 in Moodubidire.

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