Christians hate Sun salutes in Madhya Pradesh

11:58 AM, Friday, January 13th, 2012

Surya NamaskarBopal: In Bhopal, the Muslim Moulvis have issued a Fatwa(religious order) against Surya Namaskars(salutes to Sun God) on Wednesday, and now Christians have turned their faces away from the Yogasana called Surya Namaskars, to their detriment in physical fitness.

Muslims bow only to an unseen Allah, not to an eye of the Universe and a light of the Earth that is the Sun the Qazi says. But why Xians?

What is wrong with them? Do they want to be in the dark, like thieves?  At any rate, without Muslim and Christian boys(and girls) of India in Madhya Pradesh, the Government of the state conducted Surya Namaskar Yogasanas in 6000 schools without a hitch.

But 500 schools run by Christians failed to do so. All told, 1 crore persons(students included)performed the bodily exercises in Sunlight at schools and open grounds in MP.

The Sun salute is a religious activity, but Sun is looked upon by Hindus as God(the giver) of light and enlightenment. But Christians sowed their dark side and turned away. Who wants to grab minorities votes now, ask UPA. Ask Samajwadi Party in UP, and Mayawati’s BSP too.

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