Citizens of Shivabagh (ward 34) protests against MCC neglect on road repairs

5:18 PM, Friday, May 13th, 2011

Citizens of Shivabagh (ward 34) protestsMangalore: In a call to fellow citizens on Friday morning, to protest against false assurances given by municipal corporators and leaders to the residents of 34th wards of Kadri Shivabagh as on 21st March this year, in regard to road renovation (asphalting) work never done thereafter, a protest was held in Kadri on Friday.
Citizens of Shivabagh (ward 34) protestsThe irate citizens living in Kadri Ward 34 have now warned the local MLA, city Mayor, municipal corporator and MCC officials concerned, that if they continue to neglect the area even after 60 days without keeping up their promises, but harassing common people around by throwing their daily problems to the winds they will soon realize their folly. A second caution was registered against those in authority on May 13, Saturday by having a token demonstration at the Shivabagh Ward No.34 at 8 to 9am at which the citizens gave 7 days only to mend matters to the city authorities on road repairs.
Arun Noronha, Gerald Thurus and Anil among others met the corporator, Ms. Gretta Rebello, who had told them that the repairs work would start from May.18. She spoke to corporation staff members in this regard.

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