City Central Market street vendors to go on Jan.4

12:48 PM, Thursday, January 2nd, 2014

MCCMangalore: The spokesman for City Central Market Licensed Vendors Association told press persons on Jan.1, 2014 that all those road side seller of materials within 5 feet road area surrounding the central market would have to be evacuated by Jan.4, 2014, Saturday as they were found encroaching upon the selling area meant for licensed vendors at the Central Market who pay as much as Rs.84 lakhs to the MCC and still find that they are facing a bad competition from the road side vendors who purchase materials even within the Central Market shops. They are offend found selling Ganja and other forbidden items of sale in the 5 feet wide area around the market, thus bringing a bad name to the central market itself and its lawful vendors who spend a lot of money to earn their livelihood.

The unfair computation between vendors inside and sitting on road side has proved to be harmful for the shopkeepers inside the Central Market, as buyers find it difficult to enter the market while sellers wait for buyers all day.

Several memorandums and petitions made to the DC office, MCC Commissioner and city police commissioner have not brought any change in the situation so far, forcing the licensed vendors to take up the matter in their own hands to evacuate unlawful and competitive street vendor ship indulging in by some road side vendors for years.

A determined attempt to clear the encroached road areas in a 5 feet width around the central market will be done on Saturday, 4th January 2014, if not earlier, Mustafa stated here.

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