City Corporation will stop collecting solid waste if segregation is not done

1:33 PM, Tuesday, October 13th, 2020

wasteMangaluru : The City Corporation said on Monday that it will stop collecting solid waste from individual houses if segregated waste is not handed over to it after a week from now.

Corporation Commissioner Akshy Sridhar said in a release that individual houses will be given a week’s time to adopt to the new system of segregating waste as wet, dry and sanitary. Segregated waste should be handed over to it later.

Wet and sanitary waste will be collected daily and dry waste will be collected only on Fridays. Wet waste should not be handed over in plastic bags. It should be given in a small bin directly to the solid waste collectors.

He said that some apartments, traders and commercial establishments too are not segregating waste. They should do it.

The Commissioner said that all traders should henceforth display a board in front of their establishments that they are not selling and using banned plastic material. They should keep green colour bins for wet waste and blue colour bins for dry waste. If not, the civic body will take steps to cancel their trade licence or it will not collect waste from them.

He said that bulk waste generators and apartments should have on-site composting units. Till they set up those units, segregated waste should be handed over to the civic body.

If garbage is thrown on the roadside or in any public, open place, the persons concerned will be levied fine ranging from a minimum of ₹ 1,000 to a maximum of ₹ 25,000.

He said that the corporation had earlier appealed to the people to hand over segregated waste from October 2 itself.

The Commissioner said that the civic body is appealing to the people in the city to cooperate with the corporation to segregate waste and contribute to keeping the city clean.

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