Clarification about theft in Oil Pipeline

5:48 PM, Monday, August 2nd, 2021

Petrolium ProductMangaluru : This clarification is being given in response to reports in certain section of the media that “Oil belonging to MRPL is being stolen” or “Theft from MRPL pipeline”. We hereby wish to clarify that there has not been any theft of any Petroleum product from MRPL’s pipelines in recent times.

MRPL sells its Petroleum products to various oil marketing companies and sometimes these products are transported by other entities who do the business of transporting these products from suppliers like MRPL or any other party and supply to the buyers intended destination through pipelines.

MRPL doesn’t own any intradistrict pipeline for supplying it’s petroleum products.

It is requested that MRPL’s name need not be mentioned without verifying to avoid spreading of misinformation and causing unnecessary confusion among general public.

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