Clever robbers on Hat Hill remove gold ornaments in lakhs of Rupees

7:11 PM, Monday, May 23rd, 2011

Robbers on Hat Hill Mangalore: Hat Hill may look like an opulent place to have one’s home in a highr0-rise building there, but on Sunday it became a rogue hill near Lalbagh, when unknown robbers entered an apartment of Kumar Shenoy, manager of Infosys Company in city, when Shenoy with his family was on a pleasure trip away from home at S-92. The clever robbers, breaking open the glass windows to get in, had decamped with costly gold ornaments now being revalued at Rs.5 lakhs, under revised gold rates.
Robbers on Hat Hill When Shenoy returned home, on Sunday night from 2 day excursion, he found to dismay and terror, that 32.5 sovereigns of gold ornaments were lost, to the unknown gang of robbers. No one in the neibourhood realized an alarm was raised Kumar and family.
Robbers on Hat Hill There is tight security around these high rise luxury apartments on Hat hill, which has several tall structures visible on M.G Road. Entry of people and exit of vehicles are meticulously recorded. Only on able or knowledgeable person could trick them all, to enter any apartment such as Kumar Shenoy owned (or hired).
The Urwa station police have a hot iron on their hands now. They conducted inspection, registered a case of theft and then proceeded with quick investigation. Results are expected soon.

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