Coastal area innocent girls cheated, pushed into prostitution

12:10 PM, Thursday, July 12th, 2018

Ut khader Bengaluru : Urban Development Minister U T Khader sought to clarify that ‘love jihad’ had not taken place in the state.

During a heated debate on  ‘love jihad’ the issue of  in the Legislative Council on Wednesday, the members of Opposition BJP demanded a reply from Parameshwara.

The state government on Wednesday said that not a single case of ‘love jihad’ had taken place in the state.

“Kerala government has admitted before high court there that there is ‘love jihad’. The same has now cast its dark shadow over the coastal parts of the state. In the name of love, innocent girls are being cheated, abused and even pushed into prostitution,” BJP member Tejaswini Gowda charged, citing some examples.

V S Ugrappa (Congress)said, “We should not allow statements that disturb societal harmony.” He said love was a personal matter. “Before Hindu laws were framed, there was polygamy. Muslims are allowed to have more than one wife. Why does not BJP enforce uniform civil code? It is your government at the Centre,” he dared. The chairperson adjourned theHouse.

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