Colourful politics of Sarekoppa Bangarappa

7:21 PM, Tuesday, December 27th, 2011

S BangarappaBangalore: In 1932, late S. Bangarappa was born in Kubatoor village of Soraba Taluk as the son of Kallappa and Kallamma. He entered politics as a lawyer, through Shantaveri Gopala Gowda, along with SM Krishna, in Samajwadi (socialist) party, and becme an orator who could pull crowds to his meetings and speeches.

R.M. Lohia was their guding star. Bangarappa stressed on regional importance in party politics and was an able organiser with a lobby of his own, among liquor manufacturers/sellers and Arya Idigas.

He walked like an elephant among leaders but in a slender body, athletic enough to play badminton daily at home courts, for fitness and relaxation.

He created his own brand of quick-change polities, hopping from Party to Party, or creating his own revolutionary party, (Kranti-ranga).

For decades, he would not lose an election in Sarab, from where he was elected to Assembly seven times. He became CM in 1991-92 before M.Veerappa Moily succeeded him.

He disliked late Ramakrishna Hegde and his “value-based” politics. Bangarappa was tormented by corruption charges, especially in classique computers case. But recently, the state High Court absolved him of all charges.

He was an arts and Law graduate, but hardly practised. He had a persistent attitude in public service.

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