Congress team kidnapped JDS candidate and threatened to withdraw his nomination

10:14 PM, Monday, April 24th, 2023


Mangaluru : Altaf Kumpala, a JDS candidate from the Janata Dal Secular party for the Mangalore Assembly Constituency, has claimed that he was abducted by a team from the National Congress party.

Kumpala made the allegation at a press conference in the city, stating that he was kidnapped and threatened to withdraw his nomination papers. He added that he had not been lured in any way and has requested security from the Commissioner of Police.

JDS state spokesperson M.B. Sadashiva, along with party leaders Nazir Ullal, Vasant Pujari, Ashraf Sajeed, Ashraf Khai, and Yuva Janata Dal district president Akshit Suvarna, were present at the press conference.

Kumpala, who is also a leader of the Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), withdrew his nomination as a JDS candidate from the Mangalore (Ullala) constituency without informing party leaders.

This decision caused outrage in the party, as Kumpala had convinced MLA BM Farooq to get a party B form to contest the constituency, but did not participate in the campaign with party leaders after filing his nomination papers.

On April 22, a notice was posted requesting the withdrawal of Kumpala’s nomination papers, and locals informed JDS leaders about the matter. However, Kumpala’s phone was switched off for two days, making it difficult for party members to contact him.

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