Contesting MCC poll candidates submit nomination on last day

4:38 PM, Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

 MCC poll candidatesMangalore : On the last date of submitting the nomination for the MCC Poll, many candidates from BJP, Congress, JDS, Independent were waiting in a queue to submit the nomination and some where even seen filling the forms at Mangalore City Corporation on Feb 23, Saturday.

Friends and supporters of the contesting candidates were seen waiting in front of the MCC. Most of the candidates had already submitted yesterday, while others had kept it pending, since it was not an auspicious day.

 MCC poll candidatesSpeaking on the occasion, Former Mayor Shashidhar Hegde said that in the last 5 years people of the city have came across new achievements of BJP, like increasing the SAS, unemployment, failure in solid waste management, Zonal Regulation, delay in issuing house license, CDP and many other problems.

These achievements of BJP have created good atmosphere for the congress party and bring hope to win.

 MCC poll candidatesCongress candidate of Marakada ward said that the people gathered to support the congress candidates, creates good atmosphere and builds confidence to gain victory.

The BJP has increased the minimum water bill and from two years the MCC has failed to give the hites to the poor people.

The nomination submission for the MCC Poll closed at 3 pm.


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