CSF leaders enlist atrocities against Indian Christians

4:08 PM, Monday, May 9th, 2011

Catholic Christian Secular Forum Mangalore: Indian Christians concerned about communal hatred and violent attacks against the minority community in the secular India state, gathered at Hotel Srinivas in city on Monday noon under the auspices of Catholic Christian Secular Forum (CSF). They held a press meet on the issue of Persecution by Communalist forces and distributed a statement to the press reporters on anti-Christian attacks, today.
Retired Justice M.F Saldanha and Joseph Dias, General Secretary-CSF were present in Delhi to explain the implications about the 1000 attacks on Indian Christians. A memo had been given to President and Vice-President of India on Christian insecurity, and the need to change the growth of violent Hindutva forces.
M.F Saldanha and Joseph DiasThe president, it was stated in the Press meet, expressed her worry at the continued (anti-Christian) in Karnataka and elsewhere, and increasing violent incidents in other states like Gujarat against the Catholic Christians. She was appreciative of Justice Michael F Saldanha’s scathing report that exposed the real culprits behind the Karnataka attacks on Christians.
The vice-president had told Justice Saldanha that he would visit Karnataka and thanked the Saldanha for standing up to the might of rapid communal forces.
The two persons have called for a Justice Sachar type committee for Christians as well, on the plight of Indian Christians.
P.B Desa of PUCL, Prof. John Cutinho, and John Louis were present among others, at the press meet, along with Justice Saldanha and Joseph Dias, the two leaders who had been to Delhi to present their memorandum earlier.

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