Curtains down on former ISRO chief G.M.Nair

9:40 AM, Sunday, January 29th, 2012

G Madhavan NairBangalore: In a surprise move, former ISRO chief and an award winner on Chandrayana project, sent in his resignation to the post of IIT, Patna(Bihar) chairman scandalized by the Antrix- Devos rare spectrum deal, involving lakhs of crores of rupees cheating by a group of scientists, when he headed ISRO.

He had a bitter verbal fight, when he was told and accused of making illegal wealth, by present ISRO Chairman Radhakrishnan, early this week, and was barred by Delhi from holding any government post, along with 3 other bureaucrat scientists.

The Patna IIT is under the Central Government and obviously, G. Madhavan Nair of Kerala put in his papers on Saturday, January 28, stunned by the exposures, against him.

He said he did not receive any order from the Government as such to leave at once, but having known it through daily news, had resigned like a good boy.

But the Centre’s Comptroller and Auditor-General (CAG) had openly accused ISRO and its subsidiary(marketing out fit) Antrix, partnering a private firm known as Devos Multimedia, that collaborated in a rate spectrum agreement between themselves, to cheat Indian treasury to the tune of Rs2 lac crores, causing huge a loss.

This to GOI at a higher estimated loss than in G-2 spectrum, by A. Raja and his gang fraudmen(Rs1.75 lakh crores only), as evaluated by the same CAG appointed by President of India.

The Centre barred GM Nair from any Government service again, with his 3 ex-colleagues. Nair has asked for a copy of Central order, under the Information Act, to study and take future action. He was to be given a farewell on Friday at Patna, but the imposition of Centre order went round on January 24, before3 the so-called farewell, and he wrote out his resignation from IIT-Patna chairmanship on Saturday.

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