CWG: India wins first silver & gold medals on the opening Day.

9:55 PM, Monday, October 4th, 2010

Commonwealth GamesNew Delhi: Women weight lifters Sonia Chanu and Sandhyarani Devi took a silver and a bronze medal in their competitions in today’s Commonwealth Games. They are likely to get around Rs.17.5 lakhs and Rs.8 lakhs respectively from the govt of India.
Both winners of medals expressed satisfaction, while the coach (Harman) shed crocodile tears for a missing gold medal.

Commonwealth Games begin on a sound and eager note today: liveliness everywhere.

Commonwealth Games
New Delhi: Amidst the scandals (volunteers running away with kits), scams (money swallowed by some builders, with incompetent construction of gates and bridges at the Games Village), incomplete stadia work (14 stadiums had to be completed in the last 2 weeks), heaps of rubbish all over the village waiting to be cleared, missing athletic stars (like Usain Bolt), unsold tickets in hundreds, all these and much more, did not deter the CM of Delhi and PM of India, who brought the CWG works back on track, and gave a flying start to the 70 nation Commonwealth games.

Commonwealth Games
The African Vuvuzela (Tuthoori) was sounded by the sports Ministers M.S. Gill to say all went on well at the Yamuna riverside village, that had dirty toilets and crooked roads, bad rooms and dissatisfying facilities once for sportsmen living in them, under mosquito menace and fear of a flood in Yamuna. The 19th Commonwealth games returning to Delhi after 40 year could not have asked for more disgrace.
Then the Queen (Head of Commonwealth) sent her crown Prince Charles who was delighted to come over to Delhi with his wife Camilla. President Pratibha Patel agreed to inaugurate the Games in the absence of the Queen, as the host nation’s first citizen. Prince Charles also was asked to be the (joint) Chief Guest in the inaugural function attended by Indian President.

Commonwealth Games
In swift current of events, everything moved well and in great dignity. Even Ayodhya verdict t (Sept 30) and Gandhi – Shastri (Oct 2) birthdays have not affected the eagerly wait provided for CWG in 50 items of rivalry.
Perhaps those stars who went out and did not return to CWG, could be regretting their wrong decision not to participate in CWG in Delhi at present. Adieu!
Adverse publicity had harmed the CWG opening but not anywhere, after the news rag-pickers were kept out of CWG village which was cleaned up in every way, to look spic and span.
There are cultural events in music, dance and shows which cannot be missed by those coming from abroad, even for a short Birthday stay. The food is fabulous and facilities are personal, to woo-each participant / star.

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