Delhi sends for KPCC top leaders

7:08 PM, Tuesday, April 26th, 2011

daram sinhgBengaluru: The flame of dissidence lit up by MP Dharam Singh complaining against KPCC chief Dr.G Parameshwara, the first such backbite, and with AICC High Command calling KPCC leaders Parameshwara and Siddaramaiah to Delhi to ponder over party affairs today(Apr.26).
Dharam’s grievance was that the Congress workers of Bidar and Gulbarga (Hyderabad-Karnataka) were slighted and disregarded, when it came to offer proper representations in KPCC to them. Dharam addressed his complaint to MP Dharam Singh, in charge of KPCC affairs in Delhi.
So apart from BJP, Congress also has its dissidents in groups. T.John of Coorg had resigned his post in minority cell, as Christians were not truly represented in KPCC. The absence of Siddaramaiah and Shivakumar had hurt Parameshwara in a meeting later called to discuss matters of party.
A dissident group is working ever against KPCC chief, it is mentioned in low voices, to detract Dr.GP. Let us move on to Delhi.

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