Details spill out of Double Murder case

2:10 PM, Monday, August 29th, 2011

Double murderUdupi: Remember the double murder on Friday night (August 26) by strangers at Parampalli in Saligrama town panchayat. More details are falling out like skeletons from a cup-board, on Monday. Police are investigating hard.
The body of Sanjiva Kini(75), was found in the hall, and that of his wife, Vasanthi Kini, in a room in their home.
When the police came on the ghastly Scene, a fan was still going round since previous night, switched on by the old couple. They had not picked up the Saturday morning daily newspaper, because they were dead on Friday night.
The couple came home from Mysore, after a visit to their daughter there. They probably invited relatives for the ensuing Gowri-Ganesh puja Celebrations on September 1st .
Ornaments, valuables and cash were missing at the residence even on Vasanthi’s body. Papers were strewn around haphazardly. Some known persons were killers, the finger of Suspicion points out.
Police broke the lock outside, to get in Neighbours knew the couple had returned on Friday afternoon. The murders were done for cash and jewellery as gains by killers.

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