DK Minister Palemar visits the District Jail amid complaints.

10:15 PM, Monday, August 2nd, 2010

Mangalore : The district jail officials were on their knees once DK ports Minister Krishna Palemar visited the district prisons off M.G. Road in city on Aug1, Sunday. The inmates of the Jail complained to him that the food was sub-standard, and the sambar was tasteless in the Jail Kitchens, and so they wanted to arrange good food from their homes.
Palemar asked the Central Jail authorities to improve the food conditions and set right the anomalies in service, to which the Jail staff agreed. Palemar went into the kitchen and tasted the food, only to be displeased with its low quality. The prisoners had told him that if ever they complained on the food taste, they would be shifted to another prison by local officials in the Jail. They added that in matter provided, they got only bones and no meat, Palemar promised to pay a surprise visit to see if things had changed after this visit.
Palemar visited the Jail store roam and inspected rice and food grains. He said the beaten rice tasted “bitter” and asked the store keeper to change it immediately.
Speaking to pressmen in company, he admitted that a lot of changes inside the jail and reforms could be done. He asked the jail officials to provide cable TV to the jailbirds.
A staff member complained that a tree had fallen on his quarters and damaged it, but no one is improving the bad condition in rains. Palemar promised him help from the PWD for repairs.
The Jailor and officers were present during the minister’s visit.

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