Do this so that your husband is attracted to you

7:00 AM, Wednesday, December 9th, 2020
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Your husband doesn’t pay attention to you? Not responding to your wish-fulfillment? listening others words? He is in a position to not think about family?

All these problems are likely to be caused by Magical trials, Immoral relationships or Or it could be that you are not attracted to hm.

You may be yearning for your husband’s love. You have the desire to live a life of dignity and happiness, just like everyone else. But it raises the question of how it is possible. With this simple technique, your desire and aspirations are fixed.

Om Sri Hream Sri Sri Kamale Kamalalaye
Prasida Prasida Sri Hreeam Sri Mahalakshmai Namaha
Chant this Japa mantra 21 times in the temple of God. If you do this, everything will be gradual.

Article: Astrologer Tantric Giridhara Bhat
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