Dr B. Srinivas Kakkilaya files complaint against supermarket owner for circulating CCTV footage

9:35 PM, Sunday, May 23rd, 2021

dr.KakkilayaMangaluru : The doctor who did not wear a mask at the supermarket has now complained against the supermarket owner.

Dr B. Srinivas Kakkilaya, filed a complaint against the store owner for allegedly circulating CCTV footage.

The clips, which showed the doctor calling the policy “foolish”, went viral.

The supermarket owner had illegally and unlawfully circulated CCTV footage of the said incident on Tuesday to social media, which resulted in issuance of several defamatory statements and articles in his name, all over the country and beyond. The “selective” and “illegal leak”, with audio recordings, appears to be a “deliberate attempt to malign me and cause me immense harm”,  Dr. Kakkilaya said in complaint.

Over the past three days, two more audio clips have gone viral, which seem to be of recorded telephone calls made by a person identified as Pai to the owner of the supermarket and another of a purported neighbour of the doctor.

Pai is heard illegally instigating the person on the other side of the call to file a false complaint against me and put me behind bars. He has also defamed me and my family and my late father BV Kakkilaya, a freedom fighter,” Kakkilaya said in the complaint.

He is also heard illegally instigating the supposed shop owner to physically attack me. It is evident from another audio clip that he (store owner) is handing-glove with the person who is said to be a neighbour and both…have been following me and my family, thereby hatching a conspiracy to commit an act of threat, intimidation to my life and my reputation,” Kakkilaya’s said in complaint.

The complaint filed at Mangaluru East police station,

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