Dr Heggade felicitated A Ishwarayya on his 71st birthday

11:22 PM, Thursday, August 12th, 2010

Mangalore : Most of the news papers of present day have space for crime and advertisement, but no they do not devote space for art, said Former chairman of Prasar Bharati, M V Kamath.

He was speaking after inaugurating the event organized by A Ishwarayya Felicitation Committee to felicitate the eminent art critic and a journalist by profession A Ishwarayya, who turned 71 on August 12, on his birthday at the Town Hall.

Kamath also said that, the media at the present day turned to be paid news. If a person wants to appear his photo without any achievement can also have their photo at front page with giving money.

English has influenced more in India, Hence the Indians are appointed as the English teacher in England to teach the English students, he added.

D Veerendra Heggade, dharmadhikari, Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala honored Ishwarayya with a shawl, memento, While M Mohan Alva handed over him the cash award of Rs 1 lakh. While Saxophonist Kadri Gopalnath and honoured his wife Girija.

Ananthakrishna, chairman of Karnataka Bank Ltd and M Mohan Alva, chairman of Alva’s Education Foundation, participated as the chief guests and delivered congratulation speech.

D Veerendra Heggade, in his presidential address, said that Ishwarayya has always maintained his personality and his physical appearance.
He has not showed his greatest achievement in front of people, but secretly went on building all his achievements.

Speaking after receiving the honour Ishwarayya, said that ‘I have received more than what I had expected and now I have to contribute more to people in return’. I am a great art lover, hence I requested the management of ‘Udayavani’ daily to devote one page for art, but lucky they two page.

Apart from being a critic, I am a creative man. But must say that critic can improve art but do not create art. I am not good in business and not made money, house etc., but I am happy, because ‘Rich man is a poor man with money’, he added.

V Aravind Hebbar, secretary, Ragadana, Udupi delivered the felicitation address.

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