Dr. Vikram’s Hospital in Bengaluru opens to all

1:58 PM, Thursday, January 20th, 2011

Dr. Vikram’s Hospital Mangalore: At a press meet held in Ocean Pearl Hotel in City last Wednesday (Jan.19) at 7 pm Dr. Vikram spoke to reporters.
Dr. S.B.Vikram, MD of Vikram Hospital has set up specially health care units in Mandya, Mysore, Tumkur and Bangalore. Coming from a family of doctors, now in third generation, and powered by ICICI ventures, Vikram Hospital handle all kinds of medical cases relating to human body and mind in matters of dentistry, trauma, operations and Dermatology and others.
Dr. Vikram’s Hospital The leader Dr.Vikram, is an MBBS and MD, with years of medical experience in cardiography and endoscopy etc. He has also made forays in medical education with a Trust in his bag. He is a winner of several awards over the years since 1990. He is deeply concerned about team building in society.
Dr. Vikram has been a pioneer in gift health in many ways.
He detailed many of the hospital activities that could benefit the coastal people at large, if they come to Bangalore for treatment. He has a medical plan for senior citizens through a Health One value card that offers concessions in several services.
The new hospital of Vikram’s is opened on Miller’s road in Bengaluru and has ambulatory services.

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