DySP Ganapathi’s suicide case echoing in the House; personal attacks observed

3:52 PM, Tuesday, July 12th, 2016

Ramanath-RaiBengaluru: It was all personal attacks in the Assembly’s morning session on Monday. During the discussion over DySP Ganapathi’s suicide case a BJP MLA got aggressive and started to have dialogues in singular term.

BJP MLA Appacchu Ranjan alleged that K J George should have been behind the bars instead of siting here in House. He pointed out the last interview given by DySP Ganapathi.

In reply to it K J George challenged Ranjan to produce proof of his allegations. “CD of Ganapathi’s last interview is the proof,” said Appacchu Ranjan while replying to K J George.

Replying angrily for this George said that Ranjan should have sent the notice to the House before leveling the allegations.

Minister for Forest and Ecology, Ramanatha Rai intervened and said that Appacchu Ranjan also have criminal cases on him. Enraged by this Appacchu Ranjan started personal attacking on Ramanatha Rai by addressing him in singular term.

Speaker K B Koliwada interfered in the matter and helped the session to move on.

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