Electronic booking to reach Muzarai- governed Temples/shrines from Jan 25

4:33 PM, Thursday, January 26th, 2012

road-accidentBangalore: Want to visit any temple in Karnataka as a devote?  The e-way is open to you. The CM DVS Gowda, himself a pious person having gods at home and players everyday, stated on Wednesday, at the inauguration of a new website for HRE (Muzarai) department, that all important details and temples/shines/sanidhis in state coming under the commissioners of Hindu Religious Endowment department, will hence forth be accessed in their lists of various services to be performed by ardent devotees in every way, under an electronic booking system that in compasses all those well- known temples situated in Mangalore, Udupi and many other Taluk towns any were in Karnataka.

The CM counted the amenities for visitors and families or groups of devotes, such as room booking, and reservation of serves required to be performed in a temple, say, Kollur or Subrahmanya or koodalasangama, for the matter.

Various divine services like sarpa dosh Nigraha satyanarayana vrta, or chandika yaga etc, are covered by website for people to pick up and any for, soon enough.

The state has released Rs 60 crores to tone up and develop various services conducted in all these aided temples, to ensure public welfare and peace in life, CM observed.

Temples are not entertainment centres like they are resorts but peaceful centres of divine virtues and selfless services conducted by priests at large, he reminded.

The BJP govt, since several years has been working hard towards uplifting of all temples, citing kukke subrahmanya and Malai Mahadeshwar temples, which had complete services available he informed for divine mercy sought by yatriks.

A “Bangalore –one” centre is opened at Muzrai department premises, he pointed out.

People can utilize evil amenities at such centre, of paying these dued and booking seats etc, said Malur Krishnaiah shetty who heads Muzrai development Board in the state.

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