Eleven police personnel got transfer order in Mangaluru rural police station

11:20 AM, Saturday, July 2nd, 2016

Pramod-kumarMangaluru : Police department has taken strict action against the police personnel who opposed transfer of rural police station Sub-Inspector Pramod Kumar.

Totally eleven policemen were transferred out of which five had applied for their transfer and rest of them were transferred for opposing the transfer of Pramod Kumar. It has led to the shortage of staff in Mangaluru rural police station.

Manjunath Hegde, Melvin Pinto, Manjunath Kolli, Bande Nawaz Biradar, Sharanappa Kaali, Pradeep, Sudhakar were the transferred personnel. Out of these 8 two has completed only one year in the station. According to the norms without giving proper valid reason transfer of the police personnel within a year is not legal.

What happened?
For arresting an accused in 2015 previous commissioner Murugan ordered Pramod Kumar to go on leave on 8 December 2015, but the locals and police opposed the transfer decision strongly. So Murugan withdraw the decision of transfer. This news spread all over Karnataka and department asked for a report of it.

After that Home Ministry has transferred Pramod Kumar to Chamaraja Nagar station. The 8 police personnel who opposed the transfer were also transferred to various places. This has led to many questions.

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