Every individual to know about the rights : Balakrishna Rai

6:55 PM, Tuesday, March 31st, 2015

Human-Rights Mangaluru : The dept. of Mass Communication, St. Aloysius College Mangaluru, organized a seminar on Human Rights based on the present situation of the city/state/nation on 31st march 2015.

The program was inaugurated by, Mr. Balakrishna Rai; founder president of Human Rights Federation of India (NGO) who also addressed the gathering with his keynote speech he said about the necessity of human rights and the need for every individual to know about the rights. He also spoke about the present scenario of society where in rapes and ill-treating people are increasing, knowing human values and human rights is very much necessary for individuals.

Human-Rights Mr. Balakrishna Rai also spoke about the basic needs of human rights, limits and uses of human rights and how media is important and what role it plays in the society.

Mr. Vijayprasad Alva executive director of Human Rights Federation of India (NGO) also spoke about the importance of human rights. Media is considered as the 4th pillar of democracy because media has the right to question the powers as well as responsibility to inform people. So media should know to write and emphasis on human values he stated in his talk.

If there is any problem in the society it is an individual’s rights to question about the issue. If youths follow the wrong path than very few people take responsibility to guide them, added Mr. Vijayprasad Alva. He asked the students to approach him when needed regarding human rights issues.

Human-Rights At the end of the event there was an open discussion among the audience and the delegates.

Mr. Chengappa A.D, Event Guide, Mr. Vishal Nayak HOD of Mass communication,Mr. Lohith Shetty faculty of Social work dept,Pragati A.S Pujya Shetty, event co coordinators and students and faculty’s of social work and Mass Communication were present.

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