Ex-ministers deny charge and refuse to apologies to state people

7:09 PM, Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Savadi Palemar CC PatelBangalore: In an interview relayed on Suvarna channel the suspended MLAs and former ministers Laxman Savadi and C.C. Patil, caught red-handed by TV channels on Feb.7 like Nero fiddling while Rome was burning, in the legislature watching sex tourism of Malpe beach on Palemar’s all cell phone stealthily behind newspaper cover, while the House was debating on drought condition in the sate have refused to apologies to people of the  state for their misdeeds. They reiterated that they did no wrong that required an apology at large.

There is a Probe committee appointed by Speaker which will go into the circumstances with all records we have, and it will examine them. We are ready to provide all materials to this Committee. What we saw in cell phone were foreign(tourist) scences and not blue films. We shall come to this (Suvarna) studios again, free from guilt, and then reveal what actually happened the two condemned ministers stated.

There was pandemonium in legislative assembly on Wednesday and opposition parties were adamant about punishing the merry-making 2 or 3 BJP MLAs who were later suspended until March12  When the Probe Committee submits its report on blue film viewing incidents involving .

Savadi, CC Patil, and K.J. Palemar, the 3 ministers who Voluntarily resigned as ministers as advised by a triumvirate of leadership in Yeddyurappa, Eshwarappa, and DVS Gowda(CM) on Wednesday morning.

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