Failure of June 15 meeting on Lok Pal bill

5:20 PM, Friday, June 17th, 2011

lokpal15New Delhi: Of what use are these meetings between group of ministers(Gom) and 5 representatives of civilian society that was formed to draw up a Lokpal bill with Centre? About 5 or 6 meetings held so far since April, have now ended in failure, with Lokpal bill ridiculed by Hazare as “Jokepal bill” with a threatening  call to fast unto his death after August 15. But the ministers (including Moily) are confident of finalizing the bill for introduction into Parliament, latest by June 30 so that bill could be presented in July to MPs  in the Lok Sabha. The central Govt. did not budge an inch on the threat of Hazare, and has declared that the civilians cannot threaten and then negotiate in the same breath, or in other words, they (Hazare,s men) cannot blow hot and cold. Ministers told Hazare Strictly on Wednesday(June 15) that there cannot be a parallel Govt, of those who were not elected by the people. That includes Karnataka Lokpal Justice N. Santosh Hegde who is laying down Office as Lokayukta in Next August, a point of no return. Hegde is in despair at the Lokpal bill drafting committee break-up due to lacking in combat.
The ministers do not see eye to eye with civilian self- appointed members who change their stance frequently and dictate terms, saying that the MPs are only servants of the people. The Lokayukta is so disappointed with the June 15 meeting that he does not want to attend again on June20/21, nor go to Delhi as he was advancing in age and could not frequently visit the capital on futile purposes. He was hurt that anti-graft attempts had been stalled by ministers who are afraid of more skeletons falling out of their cup board, like a scandal a day keeps promises away. There are 2 drafts of the same Lokpal bill now suggesting the joint committee’s failure to reach a common understanding on surmounting corruption and bringing back all the black money banked abroad soon. There was no consensus between GoM(UPA Govt.) and Hazare’s  fighters for national justice in economic matters.

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