FDI Bill may fall through, no takers in UPA

1:18 PM, Saturday, December 3rd, 2011

Man-MohanNew Delhi: A war is raging all over India and in national Parliament, against 51% foreign direct investments (FDI) proposed and welcomed by UPA government under an economist Prime miser Manmohan Singh.

The Lok Sabha winter session activities stand paralysed for 9 days in a row now, over this issue, when a Lok Pal bill is not introduced yet, and to be tabled in the lower house.

The congress government has failed to convince the opposition benches on the need for FDI in retail track in India on Friday, while its spokesmen have taunted BJP that it had called for 100% FDI (not 51% as now), in retail business when it ruled before 2004!

Congress cannot get Trinamool group help either, nor DMK group assistance, which felt let down in Kanimozhi case.

It is a matter of 20 additional MPs to pass the FDI resolution. FM Pramod Mukherjee had asked Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee, not to stand in the way.

But everybody is feeling the heat of greed in trade. PM Singh also could not convince Mamata who refused to toe UPA line.

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