Female authors are discoursed with controversies: H Nagaveni

5:03 PM, Saturday, January 7th, 2012

H NagaveniMangalore : H Nagaveni, renowned author said that her book ‘Gandhi Banda’ which was published in the year 1999 is being banned after it was made as the non-detailed textbook for Kannada in Mangalore University.

Speaking at the discussion held at Sahodaya organized by Journalist Study Centre on Jan 17, Saturday. He said that the books has been banned and Mangalore University has decided to remove the derogatory words from ‘Gandhi Banda’, after it received objections on some of the remarks made about Vishwakarma and Shivalli Brahmin communities.

She said that the author has right to express and no people must stop it. The book which had good response before 12 years has now raised controversy after it was edited and cut it short to 220 pages from 390 pages.

She said that the creative writer needs rights to express. She also said that one of the lecturers had called her and said that she should have written on the present and not require past to the students. If such is the case, then why other books written by male writers on the past have not been restricted, she asked.

People have also said that the language used in the book is not in the frame, she said that whether the female authors have different frame to use the language.

Speaking on male authors book, Nagaveni said that SL Bairappa’s ‘Graha Bandha’ and ‘Sakshi’ also have many abusive words, but it has not been restricted and there is no point in doing so since he has right to express it.

The society has created difference between the writings of male and female authors. It shows that female authors must take the permission from male authors to write any book, she said.

Speaking on next book, she said that after this controversy, he has no hope to bring any book, since it has discouraged her and it will be difficult to find out various aspects of her writing so it would not hurt any community.

She said that no one has also called her for any programme in Lekhakiyara Vachakiyara Sangha and it may be the reasons for her inter caste marriage or other reason, he added.

People also commented that the book included the concept of Love Jehad and people are getting hurt through this and she said that people must not look the book in such concept since it is what actually portrayed the story of past, she added.

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