Festivals over, veggie prices show no sign of coming down

10:09 AM, Friday, October 27th, 2017

vegetable  price Mangaluru: Consumers in city are bearing the brunt of high prices of vegetables even after the festival season is over. Contrary to the prediction of leading vegetable vendors in the city that prices would drop after Deepavali, the rates have shot up considerably.

Vegetable rates in Mangaluru have a direct link with rain in Malnad and Bengaluru areas as vegetable merchants here procure the produce from Bengaluru and Chikkamagaluru border. Hopcoms has singled out rain as the primary reason for the surge in vegetable prices. Carrot, one of the most commonly used vegetables, is being sold at Rs 68/kg at Hopcoms here, a 100% increase compared to October 14 prices, when the price was Rs 38. In the beginning of October, carrot cost Rs 35 a kg.

On Thursday, capsicum was sold at Rs 65 a kg, while it was available at Rs 50 on October 14. The price of capsicum was Rs 42 a kg in the first week of October. Radish cost Rs 35a kg, an increase by Rs 13 compared to October 1 when the cost was Rs 22 a kg. In the initial days of October, the vegetable cost as less as Rs 20 a kg. The price of tomato on Thursday stood at Rs 43 a kg, whereas on October 14, it cost Rs 33. In the initial days of this month, tomato cost only Rs 24 a kg.

David D’Souza, a merchant at the Central Market for 42 years, said public have reduced consumption quantity as prices of vegetables are constantly on the rise. He said skyrocketing prices of some commonly used vegetables have thrown lives out of gear for the poor and the lower class.

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