Fishermen decided to boycott Lok Sabha election

1:39 PM, Wednesday, March 13th, 2019

Malpe-fishermenMalpe: The government has failed to take the missing deep sea trawler Suvarna Tribhuja case seriously and ignored the fishermen alleged the families of two of the missing fishermen and have decided to boycott the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

88 days have passed since the deep sea trawler Suvara Tribhuja left port from Malpe along with the crew of 7 fishermen. Other than the representatives of the people visiting the house, absolutely no information has been provided regarding what happened to the boat, said the families expressing their displeasure towards the state and union government.

Though the Udupi police, coast guard and navy conducted search operations from the beginning since two months, not a single clue has been found and presently they are doing nothing. In order to solve the case, defence minister Nirmala Seetharaman had been approached. Two weeks back, assistance was requested from the minister in Bengaluru by a delegation led by the fishermen’s association. The minister had also assured that she would come to Malpe, hold talks with the navy officials and take necessary actions. In this backdrop, the family members are waiting for the arrival of the defence minister.

The elders in the families of the missing fishermen Chandrashekhar Kotiyan and Damodar Salian are still crying thinking of their missing children. Without getting any information regarding what has happened of their loved ones, the families are feeling helpless. Yet they are still ardently waiting for the return.

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