Fishing boat BK damaged due to rough sea at Bengre

7:49 PM, Monday, May 30th, 2011

Fishing boat ‘BK’ damagedMangalore: A fishing boat ‘BK’ owned by Abdul Thareef of Bengre was damaged near the outskirts of Alive Bagilu (sea mouth) in the early morning of 4.45 am on Monday, May 30.
Speaking to the Mangalore Today, owner Abdul Thareef said that the boast was sailing near Bengre carrying four people and the engine failed.
Since the sea was rough and the storm was strong, even after trying to anchor the boat, it could not be anchored and stopped. Later the rough sea pushed the boat to the shore with a force.
The four members present in the ship are safe, but the ship has completely been damaged causing a huge loss of Rs 8 lakh.

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