Foot Path Vendors Union finds a way out for minorities

7:25 PM, Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

citupoliticsMangalore: The Hon. President(Rahim Uchil) of Mangalore minorities and backward roadside vendors’ Union has accused that the CITU (CPLI labour wing) and Democratic youth Front(DYFI) were only playing a “Political gimmick”, by protesting against Mangalore City Corporation(MCC) in the name of (Muslim) minority street-side vendors, without any empathy” for them and trying to “capitalize” on their problems, by protesting” unconstitutionally” so far.
He was addressing media persons on June29, Wednesday, citing the case of protesting in front of city MLA’s (deputy speaker’s) house; he called it a way of” goonda giri” that would create more problems for the victims(vendors). He pointed out that CPI-led CITU leaders were hiring people from Bijapur in city (construction workers?) who do not form a part of the vendors’ campaign, only to raise the number of protestors in a rally. The political group collected Rs120 from every street vendor to continue the long protest, bearing fruits in the bargain, Rahim added.
He differentiated between street vendors and “footpath sellers” (90% of whom Muslims). The Tiger Van targeted foot path vendors ruthlessly making their lives miserable. The tiger van squad, however, were doing their duty as per law, he Conceded.
Rahim disclosed that his organisation had 40 street (foot path)vendors, and he had met minister Krishna Palemar and DC Chennappa Gowda for discussions, and that both had assured of a permanent solution within 2 weeks, for them. He expressed complete faith in the law and constitutional ways, unlike the pretenders, he argued.
The MCC had made a commitment to footpath vendors, who decided not to conduct any protests for next 10 days, as a solution was being found. If the deadline is broken, a Gandhian form of protest will be resorted to, he warned, to find the solution.
The minority vendors organisation chief Ahmed Jamal, Secretary Riyaz Harekala, and Joint Secretary Rakesh Thokkottu attended the media meet.

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