Forced into marriage, man kills wife, passes it off as suicide

9:37 AM, Monday, December 2nd, 2013

Gangaraju,Bangalore : A man who allegedly killed his wife by smothering her to death with a pillow was arrested by police in Yeshwantpur late on Saturday night.

According to investigating officers, the arrested, Gangaraju, 22, tried to pass off the death as a suicide.

Employed as an electrician on a contract basis at the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO),  Gangaraju had married his cousin, Prema, 19, on July 29. Police added that Prema was the daughter of Gangaraju’s aunt. The couple had been living at a rented house in AK Colony, Mattikere.

The death was first reported when Gangaraju rushed an unconscious Prema to M S Ramaiah Hospital at 11.30 pm, claiming that she had consumed poison. However, doctors at M S Ramaiah Hospital declared Prema dead on arrival and informed local police of the suspicious nature of the death. Yeshwantpur police rushed to the spot and detained Gangaraju for questioning.

A senior police official said that a medical examination of the body contradicted Gangaraju’s statement about suicide. “While Gangaraju continued to claim that Prema had attempted suicide, it wasn’t long before he confessed to murder,” the official said.

Police added that Gangaraju claimed to be in love with someone else. His father, Srinivas, however, had opposed the match and had forced him to marry Prema. Gangaraju also confessed to have continued his affair with his girlfriend after the wedding.

He allegedly told police that he and Prema had quarrelled over the issue on Saturday night, and that he had smothered Prema in a fit of rage. Yeshwantpur police have arrested Gangaraju and have registered a case of murder against him.

Manjunath, Prema’s father, told Deccan Herald, that he had believed Gangaraju to have been a good man. “Yes, we knew that he was in love with someone else,” he said. “But he agreed to leave her and marry my daughter. We never thought it could get as bad as it has now. It is as if I myself killed my daughter in my efforts to convince her to marry him.”

Gangaraju’s father, Srinivas, and his family are traditional flower sellers in Malleswaram.

Auto driver ends life

An autorickshaw driver was found dead at his house in Pattegarapalya, Vijayanagar on Friday night.

The body was found in an advanced state of decay. The death was discovered on Friday night when neighbours alerted police of a fouls smell emanating from the house. Investigating officers from the Vijayanagar police station broke open the door and found the body hanging from the ceiling fan.

The deceased has been identified as Manjunath, 38. According to police, Manjunath had married Vidya 12 years ago. The couple had a 10-year-old son. Manjunath’s alcoholism, however, had resulted in marital discord. Police said that he had physically and mentally harassed Vidya on a daily basis and that the couple had fought bitterly on Wednesday, after which Vidya left for her parent’s house with their son.

Police suspect that Manjunath had ended his life either on Wednesday or Thursday.

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